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JJ Bitterly Warns Major Jabali Against Doing This Or Else He Will Deal With Him; Monday 8th May 2023

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So here we are at Major Jabali and JJ’s meeting point at a secret place which JJ had arranged. After a series of talks, JJ hands over a certain letter to Major Jabali. Major on opening it finds out it is a medical letter of Sultana’s surgery recommendation.

After reading it he smiles and tells JJ that is very good news. But JJ quips in and tells Major Jabali to look at the dates of the letter and truly Major too discovers it is an outdated letter for real. JJ blames him saying its his ‘wife’ Fatima who hid it yet it was supposed to help Sultana get surgery and maybe by now she could have regained her eyesight already.

Major defends himself saying for sure he had no idea about the letter and him too is as shocked as JJ is. JJ tells him now that is what it is and wonders the same Fatima who did that to Major’s daughter is the same one Major Jabali had released from prison a few days ago.

JJ and Major after their conversations and now that JJ had delivered the information to Major of what kind of person Fatima is, feels it is time for him to leave now. Major asks him now what his plan is so that maybe he can chip in and help, but JJ tells him for now he doesn’t need any help from him. 

JJ tells him all he wants is that first Major Jabali should come back to his senses because as it looks he has lost them and to stop with the deceptions. Secondly he warns Major Jabali that he should not come anywhere near Sultana and if he doesn’t then he will be forced to deal with him properly.

JJ goes on to tell his ‘father’ that that meeting was their last and doesn’t want Major to even call him again once he has left. After saying that JJ now gets up to leave, boiling with anger all over his face. Major Jabali can’t help but to stare at him not knowing what to say nor do.

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