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Stepfather of Serial Killer Masten Reveals New Worrying Details About Wanjala's Childhood Behaviors

Yet to come to terms over the lynching of his step-son, Anthony Ndonye Musau has painfully revealed bitter and worrying details about child serial killer Masten Wanjala since his childhood.

Speaking to The Standard Publication, Anthony Ndonye Musau who is the step-father to Wanjala fell in love with his wife Edna Wanjala in 2004 but she already had a four-year-old son.

Ndonye says that not minding the child, he started living in Mukurwe Kwa Njenga with his new family hoping that their relationship could cement to that of a father and son.

According to Ndonye, Masten was a boy anyone would love to have around. He was a true definition of joy. He was a bright student in school who never missed position one or two whenever he sat for exams despite absconding from school for months.

However, the joy he knew could immediately start fading away after Wanjala started portraying uncalled-for behaviors.

Just two years into their relationship, Wanjala started bringing pain and sorrow into their lives. He became a petty thief who could always crop into the house and pick money from their clothes, not answering respectfully. To make matters worse, he started being generally rude towards them.

Due to their parents' love, they continued to guide and counsel him and support his football talent.

His troubles with Wanjala started due to clashes over the school. Wanjala didn’t like school. He always ran away. He would stay away sometimes for an entire month.

“The thing that puzzled us most was that even with him attending less than a month of school every term, he was always the best or the second-best student in the class. Nothing past these two positions. He was one of the most intelligent people I ever knew.”

Ndoye further revealed that Wanjala's hopes to complete primary school became futile as he showed less interest in Education. He insinuated that there was something that was disturbing that they did not know.

“It was as if something was disturbing him. It was as if something was walking in his head,” Anthony said.

What they did not know is that the same football could be his preying spot for his victims. Wanjala ran away from home leaving no clues of his whereabouts. Photo: Masten Wanjala's father, Robert Watila

Five years after his disappearance, Ndonye was astonished to see his step-son face all over all media houses in Kenya over killings of more than 10 children who he allegedly coached football.

Masten Wanjala was finally murdered at his biological's father homestead in Bungoma, a day after he escaped from Jogoo Road police station in Nairobi, a day he was expected to be arraigned in court to answer on murder charges.

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