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Horror In India After Dead Bodies Were Spotted Floating On Indian Sea

India has been one of the countries facing difficulties after the surge in Corona virus cases. In the past the world witnessed how the virus was ravaging through India, claiming innocent lives. The Indian government has since warned all its citizens to follow the necessary covid 19 containment measures put in place to stay safe and reduce the spread of the virus.

The recent surge of Corona virus in India resulted to a high death rate. People were running out of space to cremanate their loved ones. Different videos and pictures surfaced in social media showing how Indians are doing mass cremation due to large number of dead bodies and lack of enough space.

Recently, reports say that dead bodies have been spotted floating in one of the seas in India. Religious leaders warned that the act was not okay and also added that the dead deserved to be sent off with some respect. In addition, they warned that the act could contaminated water bodies and lead to a more serious disaster.

Those working in crematoriums have also warned that they are running out of room because of the many dead bodies being delivered daily. As a result some people may be forced to stay with the bodies of their loved ones .

The Indian government continues urging its citizens to continue following the set rules and stay safe. This is the only way they can reduce the spread of covid-19 which is still out of control.

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