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Child Trafficking: Suspect Arrested By DCI

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Ismael Hassan's son Ismael and Zainab Hussein had been missing for five days. Ismael, 3, was outside his grandmother's house in Soko Mjinga village, Nyanchwa, Kisii County, with his parents. 

The hunt for the boy's 60-year-old grandmother, parents, and neighbors yielded no results. The parents went to the Nyanchwa Police Station in Kitutu Central to report their child missing. 

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations states, "Detectives quickly swung into action and profiled a female suspect with a previous history of sex trafficking." 

“The cold-blooded defendant, Ruth Moraa, 35, is suspected of abducting her daughter's four-year-old child in February of this year. Detectives immediately launched a manhunt for Moraa after receiving this information. 

“Moraa was eventually cornered and smoked out of her hideout in Khumbu, where she had found shelter at a relative's home, after a 5-day cat and mouse game with detectives. Fortunately, the scared minor was also found in her custody,” the DCI continues. 

Moraa's uncle Elijah Onsongo and Teresia Onsongo were also arrested in the south Nyanza area, and investigators suspect they are part of a larger child racketeering network. The suspects will be charged with human trafficking, according to the DCI.

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