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Dr Gakara And Kids' Burial; How They Were Buried, And The Bedtime Stories Winnie Told Her Kids.

Mourners were brought to tear during Dr Gakara and his two kids' funeral. The scene is in Mbaruk of Gilgil.

Going by the reports, two graves were dug. One grave was of Dr Gakara while the other one was of his two kids, Dylan, 5, and Hailey, 3.

Apart from that, the grave were not filled with soil. According to Burton Njoroge, family spokesman, the grave was covered with timber, a layer of polythene, steel reinforcement and on top covered with concrete.

During the burial, Mourners were brought to tears when Winnie Adhiambo read her bedtime stories she used to tell her two kids.

According to Winne, "she used to tell her two kids, the stories of Donkey in a well, the big bad wolf and six piglets."

In conclusion; Winne patted, "how will my weekend be." Note; Spokesman Njoroge has confirmed that they will support Winnie and Dr Gakara's sisters.

The alleged reason being, the above are having difficult time to keep up with the situation. What's your take, share it on the comment section. Follow me and shared my articles. I will get back to you with more news.

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