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Strange Rules of Living Within Runda Estate Which Makes the Place Unique

Runda Estate is considered one of the richest suburbs in the country. From quiet environment to controlled development, the area is considered one of the highly sorted for residence among the high class in the society. However the region has its own share of challenges, a post indicating the challenges and placed I one of the estate roads show how security is a major concern. Here is a list of the strange rules which make the region distinct.

Bodabodas are not allowed in the region at any time of the day or night. Loitering is greatly discouraged and those found might be prosecuted. Each section road is secured with security men on top of the secure electric fence. Matatus are strictly banned and residents are required to use private means of transportation with a maximum speed limit of 30km/h.

No form construction or building is allowed on weekends. Vehicles above 7 tonnes are required to have a special permit to access these territory.

The estate is connected to good roads such as limuru road, Kiambu road among other top notch social amenities facilities. You can lease or rent to live in this region any time of the year.

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