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Things Banned In China But Legal In Many Nations Across The World As Per 2021

Every person should be aware of forbidden laws and practices before planning any high-class business trip, tour, or vacation in a country. This helps a lot in avoiding falling into the wrong side of the law as this can be very catastrophic and lead to heavy penalties. China is one of the world's most advanced countries in technology, healthcare, infrastructure, and political leadership. This article reveals some of the things that have been prohibited in the country as well as famous personalities not allowed to set their foot in this mighty nation.

1.Some video games

The county's strict entertainment agencies prohibited Chinese citizens from consuming entertainment from manipulative video games. three major categories of games are banned in this country which includes videos games with explicit adult content, violent games, and gambling.

Some of the popular games which got affected include Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil. However, some sneaky online vendors have devised ways of smuggling the products into the country but it's against the law and culprits suffer massive penalties when nabbed.

2. Ban of  effeminate men from TVs Photo: Courtesy

This is one of the latest actions taken by the Chinese government to help uphold good moral behaviors and raise responsible men. Being effeminate refers to traits and behaviors that are associated with the female gender. This includes being girlish, applying body makeup, and wearing feminine outfits. These practices are usually associated with men with a questionable orientation that is usually frowned upon by the society in which same-gender marriage is taboo.

3. Social media apps

Some of the popular apps used in many countries across the world are surprisingly not allowed in China. Google search engine is not allowed in mainland china and citizens usually rely on Baidu which is a big rival company to Google. Facebook is also restricted with many citizens allowed to use an alternative platform known as WeChat. Twitter faces similar challenges in the country for being inaccessible with Weibo serving as its ultimate replacement. Surprisingly, Instagram, Youtube, and Gmail cannot be accessed within this country.

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