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RELEAVED: How The Two Women Who Were Caught Used To Deceive People In Nairobi And Steal Their Money

As the Mob discovered what two Kahawa Wendani women had been doing to elderly people, salespeople, and other locals they could take advantage of, they found themselves in a very precarious position.

The two ladies were committing a classic con on the locals. Someone would have some cash in an envelope. They would act as if they have never met each other. To ensure the intended recipient saw the envelope, Sarah and Mary would place it there and then drop it.

Someone would eventually show up and suggest they all meet at a hidden location to count and divide the loot. An elderly lady was duped out of ksh 2,000 using this technique. Before they got very far, the older woman let out a piercing scream.

The crowd began beating and kicking the two women. Thankfully, law enforcement officers were regularly checking on the neighborhood. They hurried to Mary and Sarah's aid before the two could be burned to a crisp.

Although their lives may have been spared, the two will likely survive to tell the story of what happened to them in jail or wherever they end up.

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