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Women From Korogocho Impress the World With Interesting Class With Oldest Student Aged 100 yrs

A group of elderly women from Korogocho slums in Nairobi have attracted international attention for their prowess in Taekwondo.Taekwondo is martial art of Korean origin that involves kicking and punching.The group has been launded worldwide because of how they are empowering small girls thus a force to reckon.The group of the women is composed of 15 members led by Jane Kimaru a 60 year old who said that the intention of starting the group was to equip her colleagues with skills for self-defence.Jane was motivated to start the classes after she realized that many elderly women in her neighborhood were being assaulted in their homes.she stated,"Women from slums should come together and join hands to learn self-defence.You do not need a lot of energy to protect yourself."As part of their training the instructor also revealed that she trains the grannies on ways to raise an alarm when they are in distress.Please comment.

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