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"I Preach In Markets To Raise Money For Food For My Sick Dad And Grandmother" A 14-Year-Old Narrates

Nestor is a 12 year old boy who has been left with the responsibility of taking care of his sick and grandmother.

Being so young, and considering the fact that he hasn't gone to school, he is faced with a lot of difficulties trying to provide for the family. His dad is sick, with stroke and his grandmother is too old to do anything. Nestor, the 12 years old boy has been forced to go out to the markets and in matatus and preach.

After preaching, people give him the little money they have as a sign of appreciation. That was what gas been keeping them going for all this while since 2014 when the dad got sick.

The uncle is willing and tries to help where he can, but being that he also has a family, he doesn't have the means to provide for two families.

Nestor pleaded with anyone to help take his dad to the hospital and help take him to school.

Despite his efforts, people always Insult him for preaching in markets and in the public transport. Every time he comes across any family member, he has to run away, since they become very furious with him for trying to raise money for food. They claims that he is shaming their family but they don't try to help him, his sick dad and the grandmother.

Nestor's mother died when he was young and he has nowhere else to go. His only wish is to one day become an engineer and take care of his sick dad, to see him get well.

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