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The Horrific Reason Making Some Kibera Residents Go Back To Village As They Swear Never To Come Back

Kibera has always been a land of the poor people known basically for the slum structures that are used as houses and the annoying stinking sewages that crosses almost every corner. Apparently, today we have woken up yet to another sad reason about some Kibera residents who have decided to leave everything they were doing and relocate to the village area. For Celine, she has been living alone after her husband and kids all passed away.

Celine has been doing house chores at her employers house as a source of income but life was generally so hard. On this fateful day, Celine came back to her house being completely broken into by the channels of the stinking sewage that passed across her house. The place she has been calling home for decades had been completely swept of especially for a fact that it was a mud structures. She only managed to save few things while the rest were completely damaged. Luckily to her rescue, her brother-in-law came in handy to save her and he was happy that she finally agreed to relocate to the village in Ugenya where her late husband left free land so she'll not have to suffer. Celine actually claimed that she'll never come back to Nairobi as she's planning to start local mandazi selling business in the village. Moving next few meters, Celine's neighbors who has been working as a bus driver to pay school fees for his seven children is also affected by the sewage situation too. He claimed that he had to talk to his wife so that they can look for good village schools for their children because their house had completely been swept away. Source, Nation.

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