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"Help Us To Arrest Them" Police Boss Asks Kenyans to Arrest Criminals Instead of Doing Nothing

Nakuru County Commander Peter Mwanzo has chastised Kenyans for sitting back and watching as their fellow citizens are robbed by knife-wielding and gun-toting robbers who have infiltrated urban areas.

Mwanzo argued on Monday, November 14, that the behavior encourages gangs to continue committing crimes because they use fear to spread terror.

He believes Kenyans should pursue criminals who attack innocent citizens, noting that there is strength in numbers.

"You cannot stand by and watch as another Kenyan is attacked because today it is him or her and tomorrow it will be you. Assist the victim and pursue the thief so that he does not harm anyone else "Mwanzo stated this.

The county police chief admitted that the officer-to-public ratio is not up to international standards and urged Kenyans to assist cops in apprehending criminals.

"The Arrest by Members of the Public clause of the law allows citizens to arrest criminals. They can arrest them and bring them to the police station because we are not gods and cannot be everywhere at the same time "He elaborated.

Furthermore, Mwanzo defended the police officer who was caught on camera asking members of the public to lynch suspects in order to prevent them from causing further havoc.

He claimed that the officer in charge of Bondeni Police Station, OCS Gemenet Kimutai, had been misquoted and that he had only called for public cooperation in combating crime.

"He was referring to collective action by members of the public in the pursuit of a criminal." But why are we defending criminals in the first place?

"The only people who understand a criminal's wrath are either victims or police officers because we are usually the first to arrive at the scene," Mwanzo observed.

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