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The different types of "wash wash" business scams in Kenya.

Kenya is known to have different types of fraudsters. This is because there are some people who take the advantage of the lack of jobs to steal from unsuspecting kenyans. Below is a list of wash wash business scams that you should be aware of.

1. The fake money scam.

This is the most common scamming method that is used by most fraudsters. They mostly target individuals who need to make more money in a very short time. Here, a fraudster will take a sample of money and cheat you that they can multiply it using some chemicals. They will then carry out a shoddy experiment in order to cheat you that it works. After they have convinced you, they will then tell you to provide more money for the chemicals so that you can have more money. The moment you give them the money for the chemicals and ingredients, they will then disappear with all the money you had invested in the business.

2. The fake job.

Finding a job in Kenya is not that easy. Fraudsters have taken advantage of this and are using this method to steal from kenyans. They will cheat you that they have a job opening at their company and that you should give them your credentials in order to secure the opportunity. After sometime, they will then inform you that you have gotten the job and you should pay a bribe so that they can hand over the letter of employment. Apart from that, they might also ask you to send some money for clearance so that you start the job as soon as possible. If you send the money, you will only realize that you have been robbed when it's too late for you to do anything.

3. Online business.

There is a big difference between online business and an online job. If someone tells you to invest some money in an online business, you should be very keen. This is because most online business in Kenya are pyramid schemes. In online business, fraudsters will ask you to join their company by paying an amount of money in order to start earning. After payment, they will then ask you to refer your friends so that you get a commission. If you do not have friends who are willing to join the business and earn a commission, then you should forget about the money that you had invested as there is minimal chance of you getting back the money.

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