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"Give Them To Me" See The Special Request From Top Vocal Politician To The Kangogo Family.

Caroline Kangogo's death has caught many by surprise in the recent past few weeks after trending on social media. Many didn't expect that she would manage to reach her parents' home and kill herself from there due to the tight security that was monitoring her movements. Fresh details have emerged revolving around the things that succeeded Kangogo's death.

However, former Nairobi County Governor Mike Mbuvi sonko has requested the family that incase they find it difficult to educate and provide basic needs to Children of the deceased, they should give them to him and provide for them. He further added that Children are blessings. This after the deceased left behind a message to her husband requesting him to pay Chumba's full fees and rent because she was his provider.

He aslo thanked lawyer Cliff ombetta and John Khaminwa for trying to reach out to her for assistance. This is because from the look of things on the messages that she left behind ,she was really going through alot.

This is a total reflection of a good heart from the former Governor of Nairobi County and may God Bless the work of his hands this is because isn't easy for someone to come out and clearly volunteer to help the family during this hard time they're going through.

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