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Coffin Used To Burry Kid In Kisii Is Allegedly Exhumed By Witches And Found Near A River(Photos)

It's unbelievable that something's that we've been hearing as stories happen in real life. Another scary and shocking thing is happening in Kisii county. This is after a coffin was found near a river bank. According to the sources, the coffin was used to burry a small kid.

However, it is said that witches in the area went and Exhumed the coffin. What is more unbelievable Is that the body of the child was not found in the coffin. This has led to a lot of unanswered questions. What could have happened and where did the body go to?

This was posted by OMG voice Kenya and in the post they wrote, "Coffin purportedly used to bury a kid at Gionseri, Bobasi in Kisii found near a river bank. However, the said body could not be traced. It's believed that the body was exhumed by witches. Matters witchcraft are rampant in Gusii. It's believed witches eat corpses..

Here are some of the comments:

Vera: Kenya should just be disbanded and citizens distrusted to neighboring countries. Too much evil going on. Mungu saidia.

Essie: Niulize is it a sin for a Christian kuolewa na mkisii?

Ruth: I hear relatives should guard the body for several days so this witches can't take the organs they want woiii this community is something else

Alfredo: Nonsense. The coffin is very clean kwani haikua na matope ? Jinga Sana . Sell witchcraft fears to your villagers

Tony: Si wazee wa kisii walisema hakuna urogi huko

Enock: Hey .not all kisiis are witches...stop generalising the whole thing.

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