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A Disabled Lady From Olkalou Nyandarua left Kenyans In Tears For Celebrating Crippled Hubby For This

Disability is a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activity. In most cases these individuals are disregarded and disrespected by the society and are only seen as beggers who are out there to disturb people by borrowing money.

Samwel Njogu, living with disabilities from Ol Kalou constituency, Nyandarua county in the former Central province has beaten the odds and have proved that being lame is not inability. According to his wife Known as Wangui, also physically challenged, Njogu who is in a wheelchair Wakeups up at exactly 5:30am so that he can get to Olkalou town early to start his soap selling business before vehicle increases on the road that detar his movement. "He is hardworking and we have never lacked a commodity." She said. "I always play and thank God for him." She added.

Mwangi, a neighbour and a landlord to the couple have revealed that the two lives in alot of happiness and it's very difficult to collide with any of them.

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