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Angry Youths Blame UDA and Send Harsh Warning to Tangatanga Fraternity

After a fire tragedy at shauri moyo blue estate of Wednesday's 8th August, that left over 3500 people displaced and homeless, thus destroying properties worth millions, there has been a sort of competition from leaders both politically and locally.On Thursday the National government through the area Mp Hon Yussuf Hassan, hosted the Ps interior Mr Karanja Kibicho and donated food stuffs, blankets and mental support to the affected families and victims.Today the angry residents and area youth, while attending sports tournament at Kamkunji historic grounds, warned their Self proclaimed UDA representative Mr Akedy of loosing ground in pumwani ward for both tangatanga, hustlers nation, UDA as a party and all politicians aligned to Hon Deputy president William Ruto for neglecting them in this difficult time yet he claims to be a good hearted person who supports sufferers, the representative Mr Akedy, who always seems to defend Ruto on ground within the area, had difficult time in convincing the angry youths of why the Dp could visit streets of kawangare and Dagoretti instead of coming to condole with them in consolation, they told him they had given him 3 days to try and reach the tangatanga fraternity and tell them they need them on ground for consolation or else if none shows up, they wont believe in the policy implementation of the deputy president.One youth said "Dp anataka kujifanya hajaskia blue estate kulichomeka nusu yake, watoto hawaendi shule, wamama hawana makaazi, watoi hawana food, alafu utaskia kesho Ruto akisema bottom up economy, hustlers nation, ooh maskini na tajiri watoshane,sisi hatutamsikiza kama hawezi kuja tu atuambie pole" you want to tell us the Dp is pretending he hasn't heard of this fire tragedy, he wont convince us thet he is a hustler, a goid hearted person with the issue of bottom up economy, students are not going to school, mothers are homeless infants hace no food, unless he comes here to tell us sorry, we wont listen to him anymore.Lets hope the message will reach the Dp, all allied politicians to him and they will do something to heal the angry residents.We are nearing campaigns and electioneering period, and this is the only time politicians can use all means to sanitize themselves to voters by wooing them.

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