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Parts of Nairobi CBD Where You Can Never Break a Single Traffic Rule and Get Away with It

Here are sections of Nairobi CBD with tight security, especially traffic officers and Marshalls. You can never break a single traffic rule in these places and drive or walk away unnoticed or without being charged.

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1.Khoja Roundabout

Motorists around Khoja Roundabout know how traffic officers in this place are strict. You flaunt the least of traffic rules, you are directed to the road side. This is the reason why, even when there is heavy traffic, most Matatu operators never allow passengers to alight near the Roundabout, unless one of the officers gives them a go ahead.

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2. Moi Avenue/Kenyatta Avenue Roundabout

This is another part of the CBD where no one, especially motorists can ever drive away after after violating the least of rules. I'm referring to the junction near Imenti House, that connects Tom Mboya Street to Moi Avenue then to Kenyatta Avenue. In most cases this place never has traffic police officers but the Metropolitan traffic Marshalls, these people can never let you go for free.

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Another traffic police, marshall and civilian clothes police officers' territory within the CBD. They'll never care whether you've flaunted a rule out of ignorance or intentionally. They'll either carry you to Central Police Station or City Hall but of course there is usually room for a "cup of tea" for freedom.

St Peters Clavers

This is a "Kanjo" area, no picking, no dropping and no breaking a single rule set by the county government. I almost forgot no driving or riding without necessary identification documents and licenses.

Uhuru Highway Roundabout

This is usually a traffic police zone. Normally, a good number of breakdowns and one or more police cars are packed either beside the road or in the NSSF parking ground or just in front of the GPO building. You flaunt any rule, you're towed immediately, no room for negotiation

Haile Selassie Roundabout/Railways Roundabout

This place also operates like the Uhuru Highway with ready breakdowns and police cars to ferry offenders to the nearest police stations or county council cells/collection points.

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If you are new in Nairobi CBD, never mess up around the places that I have mentioned. You'll never walk away with any offence, whether intentional or unintentional.

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