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Prepare For The Heavy Rains From 6th-10th October If You Live In These Parts Of The Country


The Meteorological department collects data on temperature, rain and wind. Therefore the KMD predicts the weather. Along with the generation of the reports, this department is also responsible for watching the observation of different meteorological characteristics.

The expected rainfall over the Highlands of West Rift Valley, the lake Victoria Basin and the South and Central Rift Valley is expected to maintain conducive soil moisture to the of trees. The public therefore to take advantage of these conditions and plant trees while putting appropriate measures to conserve environment.

In areas expected to receive heavy rainfall, waterborne diseases such as Malaria are likely to occur. Dry areas are likely to be susceptible to dust storms, which may lead to increase in respiratory disorders. Water insufficiency may lead to acute diarrhoea diseases in the affected areas.

Remember that KMD is mandated in providing timely early warning weather and climate information for safety of life, protection of property and conservation of natural environment.

Therefore the following places will receive heavy rainfall from tomorrow.

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Central Rift Valley Highlands Malaria Victoria Basin West Rift Valley


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