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Details Emerge Mutyambai Allegedly Collapsed, Taken to ICU

Details from the people daily reveal of his the inspector General of police collapsed from his home before being taken to ICU. The inspector General illness has however not been disclosed though it's clear he is getting better after the unfortunate event.

Mutyambai has of late not been seen in the public limelight like he mostly follows Matiangi in most events as a matter of protocol. This ends speculations of his whereabouts though it's clear his family has been the most devastated of the health of the powerful inspector General.

The inspector General is however getting better and he would soon resume his duties. The cause of his admission at Agha Khan hospital has however not been revealed. It's clear we can only pray for the hardworking inspector General of police so that he get better.

It's clear when it comes to health of a person like the inspector General of police, we need to put all political differences aside and pray for him for police is apolitical. Hopefully he will get better so that he can lead the country to another level as well be able to assure the country of security ahead of the 2022 general election.

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