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My Church Paid Me Ksh.30K For Every Woman I Killed; Serial Killer Confesses To DCI

Morora was recruited by a cult in 2013, with the prospect of being paid every time he killed a lady, according to the DCI. He was supposed to display the woman's pants to confirm his murders. According to another confession he made, he confessed that he became more involved after a friend connected him to another church that supported the killings. According to reports, the church used to fund him with Ksh30,000 for each murder. He enthusiastically accepted the offer and began working on the project.


 "A friend introduced me to the church last year, where every killing was rewarded with a quick payment of Ksh30,000. I was told that ladies were the simplest to kill," Morara confessed. He did not reveal the name of the church, but investigators have initiated an inquiry to see whether or not he was telling the truth. This confession is identical to what DCI said after apprehending him on their social media page, except they called it a cult. Magara joined a cult in 2013, which promised to compensate him for every woman he killed, according to further investigations. Surprisingly, revealing a woman's underwear would demonstrate that he deserved to be paid. "However, following a Ksh30,000 down payment, he was double-crossed and persisted with the horrible attacks," DCI added.

Justus Ombati, the Ruiru District Criminal Investigation Officer (DCIO), has stated that inquiries into the church and the entire cult have been initiated. "The probe includes a Nairobi church that hired the killer for a fee," Ombati said. Morara was regarded by the DCIO as a possessed individual who showed no remorse. "He confessed to killing three people, two of whom were neighbors. We apprehended him together with three other people who had direct ties to the murders. When the initial occurrence and additional murders that were identical were reported, we set out to investigate and profile the suspect. We're relieved that we've made progress," Ombati said.

According to the confession, he committed his first murder in January of this year and then went on to carry out further operations. Two more women were killed in four months after that, until he was apprehended by a law enforcement officer. "After the first murder, I felt compelled to commit more. I became inhuman and spent most of my time plotting how to murder someone," he explained. The 29-year-old had been on the investigators' wanted list since 2020, but he had hidden his identity by adopting the moniker Mkisii.


He and his crew were apprehended after breaking into a house in Magorofani, Kiambu county, with the intention of killing two sisters, ages 18 and 19. They stabbed one of them and took their phones with them. The phones were utilized by the cops to track them down. Morara took the detectives to the Watalaam region in Ruiru on Friday, October 15, where he slaughtered some of his victims.

When the residents saw him, they became enraged and demanded his blood, causing the police to use tear gas to disperse them. Residents claim that the neighborhood has served as a safe haven for most serial killers. They want the government to beef up security and patrols in the region. A Ruiru court ordered the detectives 14 additional days to complete their investigations in order to uncover the entire assassination spree and reveal the Church's identity.

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