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Activist Boniface Mwangi Reacts to The Murder of NLC Official, Alleges Another Witness is in Danger

The extrajudicial killings across the country are common especially when elections are nearing its pick. IEBC job turns to be among dangerous jobs to Kenyans this is after the brutal murder of former IEBC commissioner Chris Musando. What is hurting is that most Kenyans who are killed and murdered in cold blood their cases just go insolved when murderers walk freely without any punishment.

Few days ago during by-elections an IEBC officials was slapped and this kind of behaviour makes the job even riskier. Kenyans were slapped with bad news after NLC Witness that her body was dumped in forest and later was found in city mortuary. Being a witness in some cases especially against powerful people is very dangerous since your life is not guaranteed.

Martha Karua reacted to a post by Boniface Mwangi where she retweeted a post where Mwangi alleged that another witness life was in danger. According to Mwangi reported that, "Murder most foul. A state witness murdered. In February, l met a young man who is to testify against a governor’s murder case. He is under state witness protection program but the governor has been threatening to harm his parents and then kill him. I hope he doesn’t end up dead."

If being a witness your life is not assured how will the country prosecute powerful leaders who loot from Kenyans?

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