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We Need to Deal with the Drug menace Problem That has Turned our Youths Into Zombies

The drug menace, is a cancer that have ruined so many prospective destinies.

The rate at which our youths, are getting hooked up to drugs is so alarming.

We need to do the needful, before we lose all our intelligent productive youths to the drug menace problem.

Three weeks ago, I was privileged to watch a Maisha Mkanda program, that aired on Maisha Magic East.

The program was about a young university student, who's life had been greatly hampered by drug problem.

His parents took him to campus to study engineering but instead he became a drug engineer, if you know what I mean.

In my neighborhood in Bamburi, sometimes it pains me to see a myriad of youths, who's lives have been greatly incapacitated by drug consumption.

They have practically been reduced into Zombies, they are usually a very sour taste to behold.

This is not just a Bamburi problem, but it is a national disaster to tell you the truth.

More and more youths are sinking deep into the murky sea of drugs, and we need to throw them some life savers before it is too late.

They say the youths are the leaders of tomorrow, but at this rate the future looks very bleak for our youths.

All the vices being perpetrated by our youth, are all related to drugs consumption.

Last month some our learning institutions, where set ablaze by some rowdy youths.

And there have been a lot of killings by juveniles all over the country recently, and all these problems points to just one culprit, the drug menace problem.

Why can't the government arrest all the drug barons, that are ruining our youths futures?

They are known individuals, and some even enjoy police protection.

This is the paradox of life, because how can light and darkness coexist?

We need to rise up, and rescue our youths from the shackles of drugs dragon.

If you know any drug baron around your area, rise up and expose them to the relevant authorities at once.

We are tired of being robbed and terrorised, by the drug addict's in our areas.

We need to wake up and smell the coffee, before this nation goes to the dogs.

Please share with use your take on the drug problems around your area, thanks for your time and may the good Lord protect you.

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