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Emotional Moment As Judge Said Chitembwe Breaks Down During Vetting For Position Of The Chief Justice

Judge Chitembwe breaks down during vetting.

As the vetting process to find the person to inherit the position of the Chief Justice of Kenya takes shape, judge Said Chitembwe was to first candidate on the panel desk to be grilled.

Judge Chitembwe brought emotion to the process, as he broke down during the vetting process, when a personal question was thrown to him.

The judge was asked about his corruption case, and was asked what his experience was from the case, and how it had changed him.

After narrating how he handled the case against him, he narrated how those accusing him frustrated him, by delaying tactic, and not according him time to respond.

It was during the narration, that the emotions took atoll at him, and he broke down in tears, saying no one should be subjected to such treatment, and that corruption cases should be open.

The judge was given time to cool down, before the session could resume, stating that everyone should be given right to bail, saying some of the cases are just witch hunt.

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Chitembwe Said Chitembwe


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