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They Met a Very Brutal Death on Their Way Back to Kenya.

Nine people were violently killed when the car they were travelling in stepped on an improvised explosive device that has been burried along the road.

A young lady and her son were among the dead.

Among those who died was a mother and her baby who were on their way back to Kenya from Kismayo, the sea port city of Jubaland. The lady visited kismayo from Mombasa just few months ago in order to deliver her baby there and they met an untimely death together with the others.

The vehicle they were travelling in was completely destroyed.

The explosive ripped through the vehicle.

The incident occurred near the town of Taabto, northeast of Dhobley in Jubaland, It's believed that the terrorists group Alahabab were targeting military convoys that frequently use the road from Kismayo to Kenya.

The road from Kismayo to the Kenyan border is very dangerous and prone to mines, wreckage of civillian and military vehicles litters the way after decades of war and frequent Alshabab attacks.

Somalia had not had a strong functioning government since the fall of dictator Mohamed Siad Bare three decades ago and the country has became a breeding ground for Alahabab militias and other terrorist groups.

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