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Meet The 5 Hottest Female Cops in Kenya

Men have often dominated the Police Service. However, gone are the days when a couple of female cops seen in the service was a surprising thing. They presently try sincerely and play hard. They are simply flawless and numerous men would wish to have many of these wonderful officials as colleagues regardless of the section in which they are serving. A number of these beautiful ladies were interviewed and this is what they had to say about their jobs:

Photo: Sera (Courtesy)

1. Sera

I'm presently positioned at the Administration Police Training College in Embakasi as a teacher. This job has instructed me to consistently fill in as a genuine guide to the rest on the grounds that such countless youthful officials gain from their bosses.

Photo: Alice (Courtesy)

2. Alice

People out there think women coos are supported and others are never given the difficult responsibilities to take care of. That isn't accurate from the experience I have got. We as a whole experienced a similar preparing, we as a whole work night moves and go on carry out our duties simply like the men do.

Photo: Josephine (Courtesy)

3. Josephine

Truth is I was a jobless resident and the chance benefited itself. It wasn't simply by chance but I truly pushed hard and now I truly love and regard my work.

Photo: Patricia (Courtesy)

4. Patricia

I love my job so much. A greater level of women have changed from opting for middle class occupations. It's not all that simple being a cop however we do it proficiently.

Photo: Rehema (Courtesy)

5. Rehema

It's really a blessing from heaven. I generally appreciate cops and what they do.

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