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5 Things Men Notice In A Woman At First Sight

Most women usually spend most of their time thinking about what really makes them attractive to men. They are confused about what men actually notice at first sight, can it be looks or the way she presents herself. Which of the two rhetorical questions really makes a man to fall in love at first sight. Women should understand that there are a number of qualities in a lady that impresses a man at first sight, men are different. Different men have different taste and it is okay for a women to become conscious when she is noticed by a man.

Women possesses numerous traits but are always preoccupied with thoughts trying to figure out what men really think of them. These thoughts could make them very uncomfortable around men they have crash on. Though men are not the same at all they are quite direct in their indications about what they feel about women. Let's see some of the features in a woman that tend to invite formidable admiration at first sight:

1.The eyes

They say look me in the eye and I will tell you everything about you, one's eyes tells alot about him or her. When a man meets a women the first thing he will set his eyes on is the eyes because they speak more about their approach to life and personality.

2.The smile

A fabulous smile is loved by many people. A man will be attracted quickly to a woman that has the most enchanting and inviting feature in her, her smile. A man is easily gripped and attracted by a woman's smile.


What makes a woman beautiful, attractive and beguiling is her hair. The hair accompanied by a very cute smile attracts men easily and faster than you can ever imagine.


Most men set their eyes on breast after the admiration of the smile and eyes. Most ladies think that men will set their eyes on their breast first which is totally wrong.It is due to the breast's natural phenomenon that makes men focus on them.


This surprises most women but it is true that attractive legs attracts men fast. It is men's work to find women's legs attractive and this differs from man to man.

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