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How To Deal With A Breakup

A breakup is the end of a romantic relationship between partners. Whether you initiated the breakup or the another person breaks up with you; breaking up is definitely not a good experience to undergo.

I thought of writing this article to help people know how to cop up with breakups.

It is normal to feel sad or angry after the breakup. Having mixed feelings after a breakup is quite normal. It doesn't mean that if you are longing for your ex you have to go back to them.

Breakups can cause low self-esteem or feeling sad and depressed. This can result to being less productive at work or in school. We can always avoid feeling down after a breakup by employing a good lifestyle.

1. Achieve your goals.

Even if your relationship didn't turn out as you planned, you can start putting more effort on your goals. Being in a relationship could mean spending most of your time with a partner but now that you're single; you have plenty of free time. You could start focusing more on your goals and be productive.

2. Keeping yourself occupied.

Keeping yourself occupied will ensure that you are not idle or bored. You can start hitting the gym, playing soccer or even go swimming. Do anything that will keep you physically active and bring a positive attitude in your life. By doing this you will keep yourself occupied and keep off negative thoughts. Create time for yourself and stay happy.

3. Practice a healthy lifestyle.

Practice a healthy lifestyle for instance doing exercises, eating healthy and taking good care of your body.

4. Meet new people and be happy.

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Meet new people and get to know them. Socialising and interacting with others can help improve your mental or emotional health. Socialising boosts your levels of happiness. Meeting new people and making friends with them is a form of enjoyment.

5. Allowing time to heal.

Giving yourself time to heal is important for your emotional stability. Take as much time as you need to heal before engaging in another relationship. Healing is a process that takes a matter of time. Research shows that most people take 3-4 months to recover from a heartbreak. This time is for you to sit back and learn from the lessons in your previous relationship before you move on. Being emotionally healed from a breakup is essential for you to start a new relationship.

Why you should avoid doing the following after a breakup

• Stalking your ex lover

Stalking your ex lover will only make you feel sad or unhappy. It is best you distance yourself from social media during this time when you are healing.

• Trying to reach your Ex

This will intefere with your healing after the break up. It is best that you take your own space for a period of time.

Talking about the breakup with your friends.

When you talk it out with your friends you will only end up being more stressful. The very many friends you've got will each have a different opinion about it so this will create running thoughts on your mind making the situation more stressful.

Eventhough going through a breakup is not as smooth, you can be rest assured that you will heal after some time.

You can put trust in God that everything will be fine because He always has a better plan for you. Stay happy and stay focused.

Thanks for your time in reading. I hope you found this article helpful.

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