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Four Reasons why you should not ask a lady her age on the first date.

As a man, you should not ask a lady her age on the first date but you should rather use your instincts to gauge her age group. You should use things like her dress code, her physical looks, and her type of stories to estimate her age. These are the reasons why you shouldn't ask her age;

1. She might lie

Most ladies won't open up to a man on her real age on the first date especially when she likes the man. Ladies will always tell a lower age because when they do that, they feel secure attractive. You should therefore avoid asking her about her age and ask other things instead. If she opens up about her education, use it to approximate her age.

2. She might take it negatively

On the first date as a man, all you want to do is to paint a good impression of yourself, and anything that will stain the first impression should be avoided. She can misinterpret such questions as that of her age which can lead to a huge turn-off on the first date, as a man you don't want that.

3. She might ignore the question.

She can decide to ignore the question and as a man, you don't want to be ignored on the first date. You should therefore avoid those questions that might place you at the risk of being ignored.

4. She might answer rudely

Some ladies will not hesitate to answer your questions rudely when on the first date especially when she thinks the question is inappropriate or when she takes the question personal, to avoid this, you should stay away from these questions that might trigger her anger as much as possible. Asking about her age is one of the questions that might trigger her anger and you should avoid that question as much as you can.

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