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Reasons Why Men Avoid Good Girls

Reasons Men AVOID Good Girls

1. Men conflate "bad" with sexy.

Bad is exciting. For men, quite literally. Men have managed to even incorporate the word "bad" into everyday language as a synonym for "sexy." Such as, “Damn. She's bad.

2. Men are gamblers, risk takers.

Sure, some men avoid gambling and taking any and all risk. We call them wimps. Wimps will take any women they get because they’re simply happy a woman even started talking to them. Every other man takes risks in one part of his life or another.

3. Bad girls are usually better in bed.

I’m sorry good girls, but it’s true. 

4. Although emotional pain sucks, men kind of like it.

We don’t enjoy the pain itself, of course. But we do enjoy that we’re able to feel so much. 

5. Good girls can come off bland.

The best way to explain it would be like this, To men bad girls are like a bucket of spicy buffalo wings you know you’re going to regret digging into it, but it just tastes so good.

6. Men like women they have a difficult time figuring out.

Personally I love puzzles. If I can figure a girl out entirely, I get bored. Most men probably aren’t as extreme, but they do like mystery. Every guy loves a bit of mystery in his life.

7. Most men aren’t looking for a woman and thinking, “I wonder if she will make a good mother.”

If this were the case then I promise you the divorce rate would be cut in half. Men don’t like to picture relationships too far down the line because a lot of us have some level of commitment issues.

8. Having a relationship on the verge of shattering, excites us.

Men like to be forced to stay on their toes – we need it. Women can’t let their men rest for too long because they will get comfortable and lazy.

9. Men like the uncertainty.

This kind of stuff excites men. Bad girls are never a certain-thing and that’s why they catch the interest of so many men.

10. Men love danger – at least as a concept.

Have you ever met a man who didn’t like action movies? Who didn’t like to watch fights, races or stunts? Of course, not. Men love danger.

We don’t love it so much when we’re in a position of danger, but we like to look at it from a distance. We like the concept of danger and bad girls are a type of danger we feel comfortable enough jousting with.

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