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Husband and wife relationship

Man Forcefully Slept With His Wife on Their Wedding Night, She Was Not in Moods Because of Periods

A 34-year-old woman named Safaa has raised her voice concerning the treatment she got from her husband on their wedding night. According to the middle-aged woman, her husband forced himself on her even though she was passing through a hectic time, she was left with injuries in the mouth, waist, and groin areas.

The woman said that she was on her monthly period that night, and she explained it to her husband, but it seems like the man did not believe what he was being told, so he thought that his wife was denying him an essential adventure, this made him handcuff his woman, close her mouth and forcefully did the act on her.

The woman failed to report the matter to the authorities because of social stigma. Luckily in April, a show showing a man forcing himself into a woman came on the screens, this gave her a good platform to tell the world what really happened to her. The incident caused her a miscarriage despite calling it suits with the man who she thought was best for her.

According to the traditional believes in Egypt, if a woman turns down a man's proposal to engage in the act, she is definitely declared a sinner and angels curse her all night. However, a debate came and settled the myth, it said that if a man forcefully engages in the act with a woman, then he books a ticket to be taken to court.

It has been hard to control violence against women in Egypt, but there is light at the end of the tunnel as the voices of accused women are now being heard.

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