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10 Ways on How to Win Your Crush Through Texts

1. Send a single text. Do not send her too many messages when she haven't replied even one. Compose a single loving text and send to her. After that, give her time to read it and respond back. 

2. Avoid sending meme. Do not send him this as some may be annoying and boring which can keep her away and loose that interest in you. 

3. Do not ask why they haven't texted back. Avoid disappointing her with small obvious thinks. Sometimes you she may not respond your text but never ask her why he or she has done it. Just have hopes that one time she will respond to them.

4. Use questions too. This is a person you want in your life and the best start is to know them better as time moves. Therefore when you are communicating through texts, at one point introduce a question just to know him or her better.

5. Avoid talking about your former lover. Your crush has accepted your message and you are receiving replies without delay. Why then talk about your former lover? Keep you conversation free and avoid talking about your ex and how you treated them

6. Leave late night texts. Have time limit to text your crush. Late night text will annoy him or her and be assured that you not be text back. Be a good person and send a text during the day or late in the evening.

7. Text according to your objective. Know what your aim is and focus on that. Let your conversation reflect your goal and work towards achieving it through this texts.

8. Use your similar interests. You don't know how to start chatting with your crush? Then just try to find out what you have in common and text him or her about it. For example, if both of love football, then start by talking about it as you introduce the main topic slowly.

9. Text immediately. For you to achieve this method then you need to obtain you crush number. When you get it, do not wait for too long before texting, do it the same day. He or she will be able to see your 

10. Do not use your future plans. Avoid talking about your future plans at all cost. Make this a secret for now and just talk about current issues. Talking about this will really discourage her and you will be considered to be too fast.

Now you know. Let me hear from you too. Remember to share widely.

Content created and supplied by: @Kennedy_Ayekha (via Opera News )


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