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If a woman is interested in you, she will show you these signs

Since time immemorial, women have been accused of being ‘hard to read’. To this date, men just haven’t been able to decipher the mystery of our minds. Hence, it comes as no surprise that when it comes to attraction, it’s hard for a man to tell whether a woman is actually interested or if she simply thinks of him as a friend or a “cool” guy.

Women rarely come and declare their intentions outright, which makes the matter more confusing. But, here are signs that show she is interested in you.

1. She Laughs Easily

Now, you don’t really have to be a standup comedian for this one. When you’re around her, you may get the sense that she gets all your jokes or perhaps that you’re especially witty or funny. The truth of the matter is, regardless of whether youbare a comedian or not, when a woman is attracted to you she’ll naturally laugh easily and frequently in your presence.

I can’t really explain as to whether we actually delude ourselves into thinking the man we’re crushing on is especially funny or whether we’re just happy to be in his presence.

2. She Texts Or Calls You First.

If she’s bored and wants to talk, trust me, she’s got her girlfriends for that. Most women try not to initiate unnecessary conversations over texts or calls with men they’re not interested in because they’re afraid of giving them the wrong idea.

However, if you’re on her mind, you can bet she’ll let you know and make it obvious by trying to strike up a conversation.

3. She Remembers Details

She’ll remember small, trivial details like the fact that your favorite color is blue, that you fidget every time you’re impatient or that you once told her you’d really like to visit certain places. Some of the details she remembers might just take you by surprise.

This is simply a giveaway that not only has she been noticing you and, boy, is she paying attention but she’s also been thinking about you and the conversations the two of you share when you’re gone.

4. She’s Watching You Or Trying To Catch Your Eye

This one’s sort of obvious. One of the age-old methods of letting a man know that we’re interested is holding a stare for just a moment too long and allowing our eyes to speak the words we don’t say: I’m into you.

5. She’s Super Agreeable

This is true for most women, but not necessarily all. In a majority of cases, when a woman happens to like a man, she will somewhat mold herself into his ideal woman.

Do you happen to like to talk about art? Wow, she loves discussing it. Always hated country music? She can’t stand it either.

6. She Touches You

If she’s resting her arm on you, touching your clothes or just playfully dusting something off your shoulder, it indicates she’s comfortable in your presence and approachable. Most women usually go out of their way to not give a man the wrong impression, trust me. So if you frequently find her making physical contact, it shows she wants your attention.

7. She Teases You Or Compliments You… Or Both.

This really depends on the kind of woman you’re with. Some women frequently compliment the man they’re attracted to in a subtle attempt to let them know they’re interested. Others, meanwhile, will crack jokes, pick on you and even somewhat politely tease you in a bid to get your attention.

8. She Asks A Lot Of Personal Questions

If she likes you, she’ll turn into a veritable Google regarding your life. She’ll want to know everything- from your personal history to your hopes, dreams, and fears. If she weren’t interested, she’d only politely listen if you brought things up. But, if she likes you she’ll keep questioning you to assess whether you’re the man she’s been waiting for.

Content created and supplied by: Hildaguard (via Opera News )


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