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If a woman starts doing this, just walk away from her.

If a woman starts doing this, leave her now.

A lot of a guys are really working so hard to impress their women because they do not want to be left by the women.

A guy is ready to sacrifice all he has just to make sure the lady is feeling nice. And to make sure that Lady is staying around.

You might think that you are doing just right as a guy, but in real sense, you are truly messing it all up.

We have told you many times that she doesn't belong to you, it is just your turn. A woman belongs to the streets so any guy can have her.

Therefore, if you realize your turn is over, it is better to let her go to someone else. You are not going to sit there begging her to stay when she doesn't want to.

Learn to have your own limits When it comes to dating. There is no need to break your own rules for a woman who doesn't care about you.

In that case, if your woman does this one thing or if she starts behaving in this manner, then you should simply leave her.

It means that your turn is over and she needs a new person with new experience. Delete her contact and move on.

The more you care for a woman or the more you worry about her, the less she becomes interested in you.

Therefore, if your woman starts to adopt a lifestyle she was not into. Something fishy is smelling somewhere.

Women only change when they already seeing another person other than you. She will change her dressing style, she will start going out more.

That alone shows that she is seeing another man out there. So the best solution is just to leave her.

Simply let her go. There is no way you will live with stress because of a woman who doesn't care about you.

A mistake that most guys make is to try to make her come back to normal, she won't. You must know that she is adapting to her new life with another guy.

Just leave her. As a guy, never beg a woman to stay in your life when she doesn't want to. It is better to stay alone than to be in a poor relationship.

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