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Five Secrets Men Will Never Tell You in a Relationship

Every person wants to be in a healthy relationship, this being the most crucial thing in the world of love and relationship. This helps in maintaining a beautiful and long term bond between the lovers.

Below are the factors to consider if you get in a struggling relationship with your man.

1.He wants time alone

Every man wants to be able to spend some quality time alone. This does not bring about mistrust but for him to build his self confidence and trust.This is considered as part of self-love.

2. He gets insecure each and every once a while.

Your man is a man of self confidence and assurance. He may sometimes feel insecure and fears due to the fact that he is not perfect too. Besides, he hides much of his fears and insecurities to affirm boldness and trust to you

3. He has lied and will always say a lie to you.

Although biblical counseling teaches on honesty and openness in a relationship. Every natural being lies. Sometimes your man finds some things better hidden than said to avoid mistrust. However, he is never going to disclose them to you soon.

4. He prefers natural than make up.

If a man loves you, it means he accepts your natural outlook. He could be much concerned with your character and personality regardless of your looks. However, he chooses not to disclose his love for you being natural so that to avoid chaos and keep the relationship on track.

5. He is still attracted to other women.

Although, you may be the best woman in his life. It's natural for him to find other women so much attractive than you are or better than you are. This may not be the problem but the problem comes about when he acts his feelings on them

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