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Things That Are A Complete Turn Off In Any Relationship

Trust issues.

It can reach a certain point when you can feel free to share your past with each other. It's good to share those memories but try avoiding talking about your past relationships. That's one thing that can lead to you guys starting to doubt each other.

Once you start doubting your partner, that usually marks the beginning of your downfall. You will start monitoring everything she do and with who she will be doing with.

You may find yourself sometimes spying on her phone. That's something that usually seems weird. So to avoid all this, i think it's good not to ask about your past life, try and cherish the present memories.

Jealousy and infidelity.

Nothing kills any relationship faster than having a jealous partner. If you are that type of partner who is always jealous in the relationship. I think it's high time that you start treating people as individuals. There's no need to treat someone badly because of someone else's mistake.

A fair amount of jealousy is good in a relationship. This is because you will be like you are trying to protect what belongs to you. If you want to know if she truly loves yiu, try hunging out with other women. If she gets jealous then she is the one meant for you.

A woman who feels bad when you succeed, should stay out of your life. This is because such a person can be harmful when she is around you. The more distance you create, the more successful you will become.

Communication issues.

This is another thing that can kill any relationship very fast. Alot of people are quick to give up on their relationship when they find out that they can't be on the same level like their partner. So whatever you will be trying to tell her, let it come from your heart.

There's no need to tell her that i miss you while in real sense you might not even have her feelings. There's nothing bad like playing with someone's feelings. When any relationship lacks communication, that's normally the beginning of the end.

Good communication goes beyond you just opening your mouth and speaking to her. Once you have good communication, you will never have misunderstandings of you explaining yourself around. How you express yourself can really say alot about you.

That's all for today and i hope you will avoid the above mistakes. That's only if you want to be in a long lasting relationship. It all depends with you. See you soon and stay safe.

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