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Wanaume Chanuka | 8 Clear Signs She wants To Be More Than A Friend

Some men are not good at reading signs and that's not a good thing. They may be with a woman who wants them to rip their clothes in the next minute but they still stay in the friend zone.

If a female regards you as only a friend, she will not feel compelled to appear attractive to you.

If she likes you and wants to be more than friends, she wants you to pay attention to her. And she'll make moves that will make you realize she's someone you'd like to be more than friends with.

But how do you recognize these behaviours?

For example, if a lady goes out of her way to look her best when she knows she'll be seeing you, typically straightening her hair, that's a strong indication that she wants you to notice her and be drawn to her beyond friendship. 

However, if you see any of the following eight signals, know that she wants to be more than simply friends with you.

1. Finds it difficult to maintain eye contact

This is especially true with a lady who enjoys staring at you when you're looking away but finds it difficult to make eye contact with you when you're with her.

Have you ever stared into the eyes of someone you admire and couldn't think straight for a moment because you were nervous? It can happen to anyone. It's tough for her to look you in the eyes when she's feeling butterflies and doesn't know what to say or think.

We find it challenging to retain someone's gaze when we are strongly attracted to them, especially if they are still strangers to us.

2. Many acts of service

If you're having a particularly stressful day, she will gladly go out of her way to get you coffee or anything else to help you relax.

When she calls to inquire about your day and you answer, "It's not going so well," she offers to assist because she wants to relieve you of some of the stress.

When a lady is interested in you, she will do everything she can to assist you. It could be something you're interested in.

But why go to all that trouble for you? She wants to impress you because she regards you as a priority.

3. Loves to get physical with you

She won't kiss you first (but if she does, that's your answer), most likely because she doesn't want to appear too straightforward or because she wants to take her time.

However, how a woman interacts with you through her body language is one of the finest methods to determine her interest to you. Is she constantly trying to get closer to you or to touch you? Is she fond of stroking your arm and complimenting your new outfit?

4. Gives you hints that she's single

If a girl is continually finding ways to let you know she's single, it's a good indicator she wants you to know she's available for you, as long as she's not clingy or addicted to being in relationships. She's saying, "Hey!" without saying anything. I'm single, and I'd like for you to assist me in changing that.”

5. Wants to know your status

This is one of the most reliable indicators. You don't just ask an ordinary friend, "Hey, by the way, are you single?" most of the time.

It's an indication she wants to be with you if she attempts to figure out if you're single or not. This is especially true if she says she's single and then asks if you're also single. It's as if she's saying, "Hey, we shouldn't be single together."

6. She might lose her control around you

When you believe someone is cute, you may lose your cool a little bit around them. She may stutter in your presence or wander into walls. She may drop things, mispronounce words, or speak hurriedly. When someone is very self-conscious around you, these awkward behaviours are only natural.

This is especially true if you find that she only shows specific habits with you. When she's with her pals, she could be incredibly comfortable and chill, but when she's with you, she starts to lose her words.

7. Goes beyond normal questions

Women seek emotional connections with men because it is what drives their attraction – whether it is physical, mental, or s3xual.

They want to know how you can sense their need for deep emotional connection, and one way they accomplish this is by asking inquiries that go above the surface level, such as, “How is your day going?” Which colour is your favourite? Alternatively, “What are your plans for the week?” These are for ordinary pals.

She dives deeper when she wants to be more than simply pals. She asks you questions about who you are as a person. She may, for example, inquire about your family, your likes and dislikes, your previous relationships, and so on.

8. The sure sign

Do you ever get that butterflies in your stomach that make you feel both excited and nervous at the same time? Girls, on the other hand, frequently guffaw. And if you notice she laughs a lot while you're around, that's a good sign she wants to spend more time with you.

Of course, not every woman will exhibit all of these characteristics. Giggling, on the other hand, is a really favourable indicator for a lot of ladies. A giggle is not the same as a laugh, and when you witness one, you can presume it's a sign of unrestrained joy.

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