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Opinion: 3 Keys To Understanding Women and Building a Healthy Relationship With Them

Relationship between man and a woman is a beautiful thing. It brings fulfillment and an everlasting enjoyment especially when peace thrives. However, most men do not understand women leading to chaos in their relationship. Due to that, today we will analyze 3 keys to uderstanding women and building a healthy relationship with them.

1 Know What Attracts a Woman to a Man

Indeed, most men think that having money attract women. But, we have seen wives of billionnaires file for divorce. Why so? It is because, money alone isn't enough. A woman is attracted to a man with purpose in life. This makes them view you as a high value male.

2 Provide Leadership

Without focus and leadership, your woman may think you have no sense of direction in life. She expects you to show her the way and won't tell you. Be the man in the house and take charge, steer the relationship to the right direction.

3 Be Romantic

A love affair without romance and intimacy is equally dead. Do not kill the thrill; spark her emotions and fantasies with your romantic charm - women like this very much.

How have you been keeping your woman? Tell us in the comments section below.

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