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What ladies like in any relationship.

 Relationship refers to the bond that is between two people. We have different types of relationships; we have a connection through the blood, which primarily includes the relation between family members and a relationship through friendship where two people can be friends and grow together to start a family. The connection is built-in love where two persons of different sex come together and love each other both partners are supposed to do various things that will make their relationship work out well. With our modernization nowadays relationship tends to make the boy child do most of the items in the relationship which is not the case since both parties should contribute to the excellent working of the relationship. When it comes to relationships, everyone is different, and every lady has a different taste of how and what she wants her husband or boyfriend to impress her. Since what this man will do to impress her is not what the other man will do, and if one has to meet a woman's needs, know it will take a lot of time, effort, and trust. And the following are what ladies like in a relationship:


Respect is two-way traffic. Everyone wants to be respected no matter what the situation. When it comes to relationships, men should always respect their women and vice versa. They should stop comparing their women to other types of girls, and if there is an issue, the two should sit down and correctly solve the problem; doing this makes your woman love you more and respect you more.


 Always be free with your wife, talk to her about anything and when you have a problem she should be the first person you think of telling. Communication always makes the relationship bond more assertive, and when your wife sees you communicate everything to her, that makes her feel like she is also a part of you.


 Always be a good listener to your wife, even when you don’t feel like it, either what she is speaking is making sense or not just give her your ears and listening. And this is a type of skill that should be practiced and worked daily. And being a good listener to your wife makes her feel good and happy.

4.Open to be wrong

When it comes to a relationship, .when one of the partners does wrong, the person should admit the mistake be it on the man's or woman’s side, by one accepting the mistake and moving forward makes the relationship stronger.


 Men and women should practice such virtues discussed above since the relationship is established by the two. And if both partners observe such practices, their relationship will work out well.

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