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Husband and wife relationship

The Reason Why Men Are Beaten By Their Husband

In the world people are facing difficulties ahead of their relationship.This is because of unconditional love between different partners.

Today ntv anchor Fridah hosted some single men at the ntv channel broadcast for them to share the reasons behind the cause of men being beaten by their loved ones.

Among the guest who arrived was the name Dan who shared his difficulties.Dan said that his wife pored acid to him where he is blind upto the moment.Dan said that the cause of his wife pouring him acid was that he refused the cloths of his child whom the wife wanted to carry it away due to her arguing with her husband.

The main reason which was shared about the case of men being beaten are has follows:


Many fans stated that with unfaithful husband and wife it may cause to one of them being beaten by their loved ones.

2.Gene inheritance from parents

With the case of gene inheritance, which states that the witchcraft seen from one of the partner meanwhile will always be found inside one of them,resulting to women whom their mother's used to beat their fathers it will always be imaged from them beating their husbands.


Alcohol consumption has let to many difficulties ahead of partners whom they have mingle for long time.This reality results of women beating their husbands does the husband may eventually came back drank which later he may not satisfy his wife to the reguired momentum.

4.Man side plan

Many men found themselves going for other women leaving their partners,which results to many men being beaten by their loved ones.

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