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Why You Should Marry A Woman With A Kid

1.She is more mature

A woman with a kid is believed to ne more mature since getting a child forces a woman to grow and think like an adult who have responsibilities. She tends to be more mature than her peers who have no children.This means that she can make a good wife.

2.She knows how to plan with the money

A succesful woman with no child tends to make money and spend her money in clubs, drinks and pampering herself. But a single mother is more financially prudent with money, because a child depend on her, her priorities tend to be better placed.Therefore she will make a good wife since she can plan well with the finances.

3.She has a bigger vision

A successful woman with no child tends to have a vision restricted to herself, her studies, her career, her goals. But a single mother must have a vision greater than hers, she sees way ahead in matters beyond her. The stakes of the future are higher because she must mother her child to it.

4.She knows what kind of man she wants

Because she already has a running family awaiting a father and husband; she knows the qualities she wants in a man and is more specific. If she invests time, love and effort in you it's not for games or to pass time. She has no time for games or beating around the bush.

5.She appreciates the value of a real man

Most likely she'll be a single mother because things didn't work out between her and baby daddy or ex. Her being a single parent has made her better appreciate the need for a man in her life. So when she chooses you, be sure she knows your value in her life. She'll treat you good because you are giving back to her what.Look for a woman with a child and she'll make a good wife to you.

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