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Divorce Affair

Things That Hurt Men More Than Being Cheated

Most ladies think that cheating is usually the worst thing that hurt a man most. To some extent cheating is usually painful and mostly if he has been royal and honest to you. There are still some other things that are as painful as cheating. A man can find it so hard to forgive you and forget if you keep doing these things. As a lady you may not think that they are painful but to him they really are.

The first thing is to tell your friends about his weakness and imperfections. No one is usually perfect each and every person as a weakness. As you lady you may be the first person to know his weakness. Its always wise to keep them for yourself. To be honest when you keep telling your friends about his weakness you are not helping infact they keep laughing at you deep inside. As a lady be wise enough to know that some things should just remain between the two of you.

Secondly, never hurt or annoy him intentionally. It true that anyone can make a mistake. Sometimes we make mistakes even without realizing it but it hurt a man so mach if you make a mistake just to see how he will react or how he will say. Never get to this extent if you love him. You don't have to revenge by making a mistake to hurt him just because at one time he also wronged you. Always remember that a family is built with forgiveness and not revenge.

Try your level best as a lady not to accuse him wrongly. It hurt a man so mach when you start accusing him of doing something he knows well he has not. In simple terms, always make sure you mind what comes from your mouth even when you are so upset. If you want to ask someone just go direct and not to start accusing him. Be sure enough about something before you talk about it.

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