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Skin Care

8 Things Men and Women Do Differently

Choose a photo shoot pose

When posing for a photo, men and women do it differently. In most cases men try to look as big as possible and may be show their masculinity. Women on the other hand want to look small and elegant. They care mostly about their legs and arms

Hold an object

As revealed on this image, men hold objects mostly with one hand while women hold with both, one hand helping to hold the bottom. Also women like holding heavy objects from below. Men love using one hand to test or show their strength. 

Turn around

If you ask men and women to turn around, you will notice such a difference, they will turn differently. Men tend to turn their entire body while women will just turn their head

Choose 5 things you would take with you for a 5 day trip

When it comes to such a situation, the way of thinking influences their selection, for example in this case women might go for a razor, a credit card, a toothbrush, shampoo, and sunscreen. While men might choose a credit card and all the rest he can buy along the way. 

Take off your T-shirt

They also have a difference when taking of their shirts. Men mostly pull the collar while women tend to hold the sides from the bottom and the pull. This is because men use the strongest part of their body which is the arms while women use the whole body. 

Sit the way you feel comfortable

Women cross their legs while sitting while men spread them. Men spread their legs to show dominance while women cross them as a signal of modesty. They also sit differently because of their differences in pelvis structure

Fix your hair

This is simple because most men keep their hair short so they can just fix it with one hand without even any equipment. Women have long hair so they need both hands to perfectly fix sometimes they will need an equipment like a comb

Show your hands

Women will mostly show the back of their hands to show the tidiness of their nails and skin. For men, size and integrity matters the most. The hands look bigger when showing the palms, and simply more comfortable. 

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