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Five Types Of Ladies That You Should Avoid Dating

Make an effort to seek counsel before entering any relationship. Most guys nowadays are just interested in attractive, well-dressed women and do not think about whether or not they are a good match. It's not easy to figure out what lies beneath this lovely exterior.

Have you ever been with a lady you thought was great for you, but as you started dating her, you realized she wasn't quite what you expected? Her attractiveness has tricked you.

To help you avoid dating the wrong women in the future, I've developed a list of five types of women you should avoid dating. Please read the following paragraphs carefully.

1. Money is starving.

You can't please her no matter how wealthy you are. Her man, she believes that you should be looking after her and her family. This type of lady isn't interested in your love; she's only interested in your money. Stay away from her because she'll abandon you after you've spent all of your money on her.

2. The tears of the river

If you're in a relationship with a woman like this, you'll spend your time apologizing and wiping her tears. Every action you take will make her sad. She'll also claim that your parents and friends despise her.

3. Keeping things under control

A dominating lady will want to have complete control over everything you do. She'll tell you what to do, and if you disagree or try to control her, she'll yell at you or leave your side.

4. The person who made the complaint.

If you're dating a whiner, nothing you do will be enough. She can complain it's too hot even if you boil it. She won't appreciate goods, either; if you get her a yellow bag, she'll reply she prefers black.

5. Suspicious

They're terrified of getting into a relationship because they often hear about people's relationship ups and downs, or they've been harmed in a past relationship. As a result, she'll regard every man as a heartbreaker. If she's dating you, you'll notice that she feels compelled to date you.

Do you have any further suggestions to add to the list? Please let us know what you think.

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