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6 Types Of Women You Should Never Settle With For A Relationship

A relationship is always considered to be the connection between two people. As men are normally looking for best types of women to settle with, here are those women you should never think of;

1. Lazy women

These are the types of women that like passing time without doing anything. Mostly they tend to watch movies forgetting they have house chores to do. As a man, never settle with such as it leads to untidy environment around you.

2. Women who are control freaks

This is a scenario where women are dominant and want to show that they're the supreme being for example, they choose who you should hangout with, they take the call making you wonder if you ever exist.

3. Women that love asking for money everytime

You should never settle with these type of women as all they love is materialistic things. They love to be offered gifts every time sometimes even to an extent of dumping you if you don't carter for it.

4. Women who love their best friends

They will always talk about their best friends everytime even if you were in the middle of a different topic. Settling with these types invade much of your privacy as they share everything with their best friends.

5. Women who like comparing you to others

They actually like comparing you to their pasts in whatever you do.

6. Women who are social with everyone

A situation where women are social with everyone, they even go beyond by cheating in a relationship as they can not control themselves.

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