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3 Signs She is Lying to you

3 Signs She is Lying to you.

Hello there, so you have been discussing about something with your woman but you suspect that what she is telling you is not the truth?

Worry no more for here are the signs that you can look for to tell if she is truly lying or telling you the truth.

Issues with lies in the relationship are the ones which slowly kill the attraction that you guys had.

You have to be so careful on the things you talk to your woman about. Just make sure you don't do or say anything wrong to her.

It is where she will get the courage to also lie to you in the right circumstances. So be careful and watch your ways.

Here are the three signs that a woman is lying to you:

1. She is avoiding the eye contact.

Yeah it is always expected for couple to keep eye contact during any discussion since it is one of the ways of improving attraction.

Now, it is always true that when someone is telling the truth, they are so sure about what they say and that means, they will look at you in the eye.

A problem comes in where a woman is not sure about what she says and that means, she won't be able to keep the eye contact with you.

The guilt in her keeps telling her that you will realize that she is not speaking the truth. Now, if a woman fails to keep the eye contact with you, have it sure that she is lying to you.

There is no way someone who is sure about what she says can ever be afraid of what she is talking about.

2. She gets angry.

Psychology says that someone who is not speaking the truth easily gets annoyed with the questions you ask them.

She might even decided not to answer your questions at all because she knows it clearly that the more she answers you, the closer you get to revealing the truth.

But now because she doesn't want you to know what she is hiding from you, she gets angry just to stop you from asking more questions.

High chances are that such a woman is lying to you. Do not believe what she tells you afterwards.

3. She gets shifty.

Have you ever talked to someone for the first time, especially a girl who you are not used to?

How were you feeling at that moment? We know that you never seemed to settle. All you were doing was to stay restless.

Your hands moving up and down and your mouth shivering like never before. That is all about being shifty.

You simply become restless and unable to concentrate. Now, a woman who is not willing to say the truth, never gets comfortable.

She gets restless and sometumes what she tells you might be confusing because she is not sure about what she is telling you.

That woman is lying to you, know that. We hope it makes sense to you. Let us know how you feel in the comments section down below.

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