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How to keep a guy interested in you forever (dating advice)

During the first stages of interaction with someone you both are excited and in constant communication However this may change over time. If you feel that your relationship might be drifting apart here are tips that will help you keep your partner interested in you.

Gifting your partner things will make them feel like you really love and care about them. Always find a way to surprise them once in a while whether it's a small gift or a love gesture like cooking them a nice meal or a date night out. This will make your significant other constantly thinking about you.

Give him your attention. Even though you might be having a busy schedule you should dedicate some of your time to spend with your partner. Spending quality time will make them feel like they really matter to you and this will make them change their mind if they are losing interest in you. Men love when their women give them attention and this will completely change any negative thoughts they might have had towards the relationship.

Another tip to keep a guy interested is finding new things to explore as a couple regularly. Finding fun activities like playing games hiking watching a movie together will make you happy. Doing new things that you have never done before and exploring together as a couple will help create a new experience in the relationship which is very important in keeping the relationship going.

Always make sure that you constantly complement him and assure him how grateful you are for him to be in your life. This will encourage him to work even harder for the both of you and ensuring that your relationship will flourish.

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