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Secrets Your Girlfriend Will Never Tell You

Secrets Your Girlfriend Will Never Tell You

Sharing is caring, but one should not share everything with everyone. Everybody has some hidden secrets which they reveal only with their trusted ones.

If you are in relationship check with your partner what he/she is hiding. And if you are in doubt, go through this article that will ease out your worry.

1. They compare you with her ex-boyfriend

First love is something that will always be remembered. If your girlfriend had any relationship in the past , then chances being that she might compare you with her ex. Though you won’t be able to make it through her expression but she will compare your habits, your way of talking , your behavior and what not with her ex without even letting you know.

2.Her best friend knows everything

Yes, that’s true. Your girlfriend’s bestie knows everything about her more than you. Girls always share all their secrets with their best. She will know everything about her past, how she is along with you, about your private moments also. And of course, you will never get an idea what your girlfriend has shared with her bestie about you.

3. They love it when you feel jealous of her

Jealously leads to more love and girls know this fact . So , when they hang up with their male friend or put them before you, it’s just to make you feel jealous. But don’t try this trick on them as then god know what will be the end result.

4. She is always testing you

A woman is a good Judge. She observes, analyzes and judges your every action, gesture, posture, your facial expressions, your dressing sense and especially how you are treating her. Even sometimes if you lie to her or not, even how much you are loyal hers. Not every time, but may be maximum times she is testing you with her techniques, not even letting you know.

5. Ignoring means fighting

Women always like to be a center of attraction. She always needs attention from everybody and especially from her guy. But when this thing doesn’t happen, she feels ignored and she starts fighting with you. Yeah, one more thing, don’t say calm down at that time unless you want to guarantee she absolutely won’t.

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