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Six Main Signs That A Girl Has A Feeling For You

a girl who has feelings for you may hide them from you because if she expresses her feelings for you it may make her seem desperate. To find out if she really loves you, pay close attention to her, the way she behaves around you, and the way she talks to you. These are six hidden signs that a girl has feelings for you.

1. If he asks around to find out if you have a girlfriend. A girl who doesn't love you won't care if you have a girlfriend.He'll ask your friends questions about the state of your relationship, and if he doesn't get a good answer, he might just ask you directly, like he's asking a random question.

2. If she invests herself emotionally in you. Since she is not ready to express her feelings in words, she will be so concerned about your well-being and will be happy to help you with your housework.

3. A girl has feelings for you if she keeps talking about you. There's no question you're on his mind, and he might say your name like a slip even when he's out with his friends.

4.Another sign is when he is secretly looking at you. She will constantly look away, if you catch her looking at you, she will not be able to help you look at yourself with affection and admiration.

5. If she lets you know when she is free and gives you information about her daily life, then she is in love with you.

6. If he lingers around you for a chance to talk to you and spend time with you. While you are together, he will constantly touch your hands and admire certain parts of your body like your fingers, although he might not say so.

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