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Four mistakes men should avoid when they have a crush on a lady

When men fall in love with a lady, there are some common mistakes they do that may turn off a lady completely.

1. Asking for a lady's number from another person rather than her.

As a man when you have a crush on a lady and you don't have her number, the most mature thing to do is to approach her and ask her for her number, avoid asking her friends and relatives her number, this may turn her off in the first chat. Apart from taking you negatively, it will be very difficult to introduce yourself and to explain where you got the number from.

2. Sending others to talk to her on your behalf.

When you have a crush on a lady, the best thing to do is to talk to her in person and avoid using intermediaries to communicate with her. Remember that one of the most important aspects of a relationship is communication and you should start naturing it before you get into a relationship especially if you want to take the relationship to the next level.

3. Avoid beating around the bush.

Questions like what food do you like and what type of music do you like can wait, you will learn what she likes once you are in the relationship before you get into the relationship, be straightforward, make your intention clear in the first conversation you have with her to avoid being friend-zoned. If you want her as just a friend, make it clear to her in the first conversation you have with her.

4. Avoid forwarding to her love messages you pick from other WhatsApp groups.

When you pick a lovely love message from a WhatsApp group you are part of, you should avoid forwarding it to your crush, be creative and form your love text if you want to send her a love text, if you are not that creative or you doubt your creativity, the best thing to do is to stop sending the love texts and send plain messages that are straight to the point.

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